Soundstring signalkabler (utgått vare)

Soundstring signalkabler gir en naturlig og organisk musikkopplevelse som kun finnes i de beste kabler på markedet. Årsaken er den patenterte progressive multi-leder løsningen som benyttes i alle kabler fra Soundstring.

Signalkablene leveres i både RCA og XLR versjon. Førstenevnte er litt dyrere da Soundstring har utviklet sin egen RCA plugg med 24 karat gullbelagt beryllium-kobber som har veldig lite gods, og som ikke krever lodding for å feste kabelen. Dette gir en klar lydmessig gevinst.


Signalkabler med RCA plugger (skjermet)


Lengde Pris
2 x 1 meter kr. 5.500,-
2 x 1,5 meter kr. 5.800,-
2 x 2 meter kr. 6.100,-
2 x 3 meter kr. 6.700,-


Signalkabler med Neutrik XLR plugger (skjermet)


Lengde Pris
2 x 1 meter kr. 5.200,-
2 x 1,5 meter kr. 5.500,-
2 x 2 meter kr. 5.800,-
2 x 3 meter kr. 6.400,-


Audiophilia – Roy Harris

"Steely Dan's Aja, MCAD 37214, is a good test of the midrange. I used cut 3, Deacon Blues, as it features male voice and a sax solo. I have heard this CD many times. Donald Fagen's lisp at times has sounded exaggerated. In this instance, the lisp was not exaggerated because of an absence of sibilance. In addition, I heard an inflection of laughter in the phrase "laughing chance", which I had not noticed in any of my previous auditions of this track. After 4 minutes have elapsed, there is a tenor solo. The tenor can sound thin if there are any imbalances in one's stereo system. Instead of a lean sound, the tenor was fullbodied and there was no evidence of brightness when the upper register of the instrument was articulated.

The audiophile mainstay, Don't Smoke in Bed, Alert Z28102, featuring Holly Cole, was my fourth selection. Of interest was the acoustic bass and female voice. Although a close-miked recording, sibilance was not exaggerated, in contrast to what I have heard on other stereo systems. The bass notes were easy to follow, and as the strings were plucked, the wood body of the acoustic bass came into focus.”

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